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"Juara is an East meets West fusion of centuries of traditional botanical remedies with Western science. It is a true lifestyle skincare brand that is inspired by the ancient beauty secrets and herbal traditions of Indonesia.

Juara draws from the practice of a time-honored herbal medicine called Jamu, as well as the best of modern science to create products that promote the skin's natural balance and radiance. The products are a pure indulgence designed to delight and revitalize the senses - They smell amazing, feel incredible and provide an overall sense of well-being while delivering visible results."

Yes, Juara is amazing like that! I found the brand on the internet only to be amazed that they have been spreading out across New York and many other big cities, while even Indonesians were not aware yet of this brand (Don't worry, though, they're going to expand the market here in Indonesia too!).

A retail space known as a space to display and sell products of one brand or more, but it is more than that. A memorable, good retail is one with at least a facility that provides an experience for the customers. In this case, Juara Skincare retail space provides skin consultation service, coffee bar, and a service of hand and foot massage. 

When I chose Juara as a title of this semester's project that is retail, at first I didn't think that Juara staffs would be very welcome to a student like me. But they did! They were very welcome, and they helped me through some of the phases of designing a retail! I even got a chance to talk with Miss Metta Murdaya (the founder herself!) and Miss Desy via phone call, and guess how much knowledge I've got from them? Lots!

I feel really lucky to stumble upon Juara, and I want to thank Miss Metta, Miss Desy, and every girl behind this amazing brand. I hope this brand will go far, spread across the globe, and not only as a good quality skincare but as an inspiration for many girls around the world.

P.S.: They sell Juara at Sogo in Indonesia, if you're wondering.