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Rumah Bermain Padi is a preschool/kindergarten located in Bandung, Indonesia, that runs based on montessori system.

Montessori is a child-centered educational approach that is based on self-directed activity, hands-on learning, and collaborative play. The special characteristic about montessori method is the toys and props of montessori, and how children have freedom movement within the classroom.

Those characteristics happens to be the main problem that underlies the design of this project.

The overall concept of this project is optimizing children's concentration in learning process with the result as seen in the choice of materials and colors. Most of the furniture functions as built-in storage, and the rest is loose furniture that can be moved & stacked easily. What makes this design different is the zoning of every area that reduces permanent divider, so it can make one area to another open without separation. This is the answer of the needs of children's freedom movement within the classroom.

I personally learned a lot from the process of this project, and it has been a fun learning to know and understand about children and their psychology needs.